I b making them jaleeeebbbiiiis!!

eeeehhh..when did this happen?

The science of love

Sometimes i think science takes it too far when they say ‘oo we find out what love is’ ‘its a 13 carbon 16 oxygen 24 hydrogen bipolar tetra dihedral life sucking polycompund that gets lodged at a synapse responsible for butterflies in the belly, inducing popping of heart shaped eyes and responsible for many many individuals getting hitched’…pppfffttttt

Man no matter what you say..love is love..u cant replicate no ‘ohh my god is he looking?

or that ‘yo girl be mine’ moments

with no damn compunds!!

1 note

Definitely the best animated movie I have seen in a while =)

Took me back to my childhood when I used to read Peter Rabbit =)


Part (2/6) Dream girl, Hema 

Wow..this brings back all those black and white tv shows that use to rerun on PTV. Actresses with those cat eyed eyeliners and damn those tight boot cut pants!  

Be safe Palestine. We weep and pray for you.

Love from Pakistan

Eins und zwei und drei und vier
'54, '74, '90, 2010
Ja so stimmen wir alle ein
Mit dem Herz in der Hand und der Leidenschaft im Bein
Werden wir Weltmeister sein

Deutschland for the win!!!

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When I was growing up I was told that we, as muslims, fast so that we can associate with poor people or people who dont have food.
As I grew up i realized that thats just 1/4 of the purpose why you should fast. The other 3/4 reason is so that you discover yourself and conquer your demons.